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Here is a development journal that highlights the progress of our game in greater detail. The entire site will be periodically updated as new information is released, so check back as announcements are made!


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To play the demo for The Office Type, download the whole zipped file below, unzip the folder “TheOfficeType_Demo”, and then run “TheOfficeType.exe” for the best experience.

Development Update #4: TIMELINE UPDATE (MAY 31st, 2019)

Greetings from the Heavy Thought team!  We know that our last Kickstarter update was just yesterday (please read it if you haven’t already!), but we wanted to round out the end of the month with some important news.  We've been working hard to organize everything that we've been hoping to put into The Office Type.  With such an ambitious game, we've been considering things that we might have to cut to make our original timeline work.  We had hoped to bring The Office Type to you before July of 2019.  However, the team made the choice to expand our timeline so we can work on putting everything we wanted to put in.  Now, our plan is to release The Office Type hopefully before the new year, but we're prioritizing polishing our game and getting it right first.

"Why so long?" you might ask.  To keep it short and simple, our characters' stories aren't complete yet.  It's not enough to have a multitude of characters in a dating sim.  To achieve what we intended, these stories need to be deep, unique, and meaningful, no matter what roster combination players choose in their playthroughs.  We'll be taking this extra time to make sure The Office Type is an impactful game.  This includes things like our art book and certain backer rewards.  We appreciate your patience, and we know that it's a huge privilege to be able to push back our release like this.  But we're always cognizant of Shigeru Miyamoto's famous quote: "a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."  We'll give it our all to make The Office Type something special.

There's also something that we wanted to mention about our studio as a whole.  We've talked about it here and there, but now is the perfect time to make it clear.  Our studio aims to create impactful experiences, but also to build up ideas until something major suddenly appears on the doorstep of the public.  We want to be entirely different, showing our fans and new fans alike things that they've never seen before.  As our first major project, The Office Type is poised to be the jumping off point for everything that we hope to achieve.  We have so many games that we can't wait to show you.  But just as we have ambitious ideas for later, we have deep and touching pieces within The Office Type on our plate first.  Amongst our future updates, you'll start to see us establish our reputation as the studio with occasional news and big delivery in the polished product.  That's the heavy thought in Heavy Thought, growing behind the scenes until it appears and makes its own scene.

We'll continue updating our supporters at least twice a month, so don't worry!  Thank you for your patience.  It means the world for us to be able to work on something so special in the world of dating sims.  You'll hear more timeline specifics when we get closer to release!

Development Update #3: THE Campaign (October 16th, 2018)

The time has finally come. Our fundraising campaign is here! We’ve been so excited to show you what we’ve been preparing and we hope you’ll enjoy it. Watch the trailer to see what we’ve been aiming for, read through our rewards, and please consider supporting us! If you’re unable to back the project right now, you can still help by spreading the news. Every little bit helps, and let us know what you like about the campaign!

If you’re interested in playing the demo, download the file through the button above! We put together an experience to show some of our date mechanics, our minigame, and a sneak peek into the stories of eight of our characters. But to be clear, this demo is not at final quality. We’ve been working hard on it, but there’s a lot more to do, with even more already done behind the scenes. There will be mistakes that the I.T. department needs more time to fix, incomplete features that haven’t been included, and some mechanics that can’t be demonstrated without certain parts found in the full release. But it takes work and time to create the complete view, and that’s what our fundraising campaign is for! There’s so much more that we want to show you, so get a copy and help us make the world of The Office Type!

SEE the fundraising campaign here

Development Update #2: THE BIG ONE (JUNE 22ND, 2018)

You may have been wondering, “where did Heavy Thought Studios go?” Well, we’ve been hard at work doing a ton of things! We wanted to focus on our development behind the scenes to flesh out more characters, develop deeper stories, add to the art and game mechanics, and make improvements where needed. We’re happy to say that we’ve been making great progress!

Our first concern was taking community feedback into account. We listened to a lot of people who were excited to see a game like ours come to life, and we spent a lot of time working on changes. We brought in new team members to expand the story, improved the artwork, and created a system that allows players to learn more about each character by finding out details from their friends. Some of our new writers, Marcus Cross and Jacob Mooney, took the helm on some redesigns and fit the characters into our world seamlessly.

Marcus summarized the redesigns well:
"If you’ve been with us for a while you’ll remember the earlier introduction to the Three Hole Punch set. We’ve heard your feedback on the characters and we made a few updates to the character set. So instead we created the Three-Ring Binder set. This character set is all about community and rallying people together. Instead of having them feel like outsiders bringing people in, they are now a part of the office team. We also changed their hobbies to allow them to interact with the rest of the cast under the Buddy System. And we wanted these characters to have hobbies that were all about being supportive and inclusive rather than just being combative. We hope that you will fall in love with these characters as much as we have."
-Marcus Cross

Our other new set of characters, the Mousepad Set, brings a new facet of the office into view. Each part of this eccentric trio manages different aspects of the Human Resources department. Their clothes might not seem office-appropriate, but they highlight the importance of hobbies outside of the office in our game, as well as bringing some bold personalities into the mix. In addition, our last six characters have already been created, and we’re refining them a little more before their release.

Many of you have expressed how important this project is for you, and that support is overwhelming and immensely appreciated. Of course, as support for the game grows and we continue our work, our focus is now centered on our new designs. After all, we have a vision for this game and we’re excited to show you where we’re taking it!

Alongside the new character artwork, we’ve also taken on supplementary artist Kaitlynne Heyworth and background artist Prince Lowell to create object artwork and scene backgrounds, respectively. They both have done amazing work, and more is on the way!

We now have object artwork to represent each character. These will be used in the roster selection process at the beginning of the game, as well as for a secret unlockable mode! We’d love to hear your favorites from each set, and be on the lookout for the hidden jokes and references on a few of them!

The backgrounds are a major part of the gameplay, allowing players to take characters to various locations for dates. But pay attention! Some characters aren’t big fans of certain places. However, finding their favorite location will unlock certain dialogues and bonus points for your date!

Game Mechanics:
We’re also extremely excited about some new changes to our mechanics. The relationship meter system has been balanced, finally allowing us to estimate the playthrough length. Depending on your play speed, a playthrough with one roster could be approximately 12 hours long. You can play whichever way you want! Get to know three or four characters really well, or maybe get to know all of them a little. But for people who want to find out every bit of the story in multiple rosters, you’ll have more than 72 hours of story to explore!

Another highlight is a new design that we call the Buddy System. No matter which roster you choose in your playthrough, each character will have at least two other friends in their friend circle. You’ll be able to go on dates with your favorite, and they may reveal a lot of information about themselves to you. But without some context and background details from getting to know their friends you may not uncover their whole story!

Voice Acting:
In case you didn’t see our short update on Twitter, we’ve finally been able to narrow down the multitude of voice acting auditions and we’ve moved on to round three of the casting process! We’ve already revealed two more castings, and we’re very close to several more! This will most likely be the last round of casting before official selections are chosen.

But that doesn’t mean you’re too late! We’re still on the lookout for a few perfect voices, and auditions will remain open through the release of all of our characters or until all of the positions are filled. Additionally, when development quiets down we’d like to contact each applicant individually to give feedback on auditions, if desired. There were so many great recordings sent in, and many of them have real potential! If you didn’t fit into our character roster then that doesn’t mean that your audition was bad. We’d like to highlight some applicants later in development and we’ll be recommending some elsewhere as more voice acting opportunities arise.

There are other updates like more music, minor tweaks, and secrets that we’ve added, but you’ll see more of those in the near future. We’ll be resuming our early emails for the initial supporters of the game, and you can catch the normal updates if you follow us on Twitter at @muchtooheavy. Thank you all for your support, and we’ll have more to show soon!

Development Update #1: History and Redesigns (April 2nd, 2018)

Whether you've heard of us already or you're a newcomer, this post may be the first in-depth piece of information about who we are, where we've been, and what we've been changing in our project, The Office Type. Thank you for being here! We're working hard to build up our game and make changes to our early concepts with the help of community feedback. If you have quick questions about our game and/or our studio, check out the F.A.Q. section of our Contact page first. If your initial questions are not answered there, they are most likely answered here, or they will be answered in the future.

To give a little background, a smaller version of our team came up with the idea for The Office Type in October of 2017. After developing initial character designs, we began production on the character art and game mechanics. As the characters are easier to show in their early stages, we were eager to release them as they were developed. Fans and critics alike soon drew a large amount of attention to our designs, so we pulled back to increase our team's strength and to flesh out the character designs. Since then, we have been working hard to create more complete characters and mechanics, and we developed this website once the community wanted more than just our presence on Twitter.

As for the redesigns on our characters, visit our Projects page to see more detailed descriptions and artwork of our current characters. These updates, for the most part, overwrite the characters' initial introductions. The changes were made to help match the characters to their respective office supply variations, as well as to expand upon their personalities, careers, and/or their hobbies. Remember, more characters are on their way, so the kind of character you may be hoping for might show up in another character release! In addition, artwork for the objects that each character represents is in the works, which will clarify many visual design decisions we made. Other reasons for certain design changes may be revealed by a standard playthrough of the game.

For those of you who may be wondering, our initial fundraising period was opened to the public as people began to ask how they could support the early development of the game. PayPal was chosen as a secure option with no fees, and larger fundraising campaigns didn't have the right footing with the amount of content we had developed at the time. As we have said before, this fundraising period was always temporary, and it will be closing permanently on April 10th, at which point the rewards we offered will not be available again in the same way in the future. We're looking forward to implementing all of the Easter eggs that several of you have requested! There were many great ideas, and we're excited to see what people think of them!

We will be reintroducing early updates for the people on the supporters mailing list. In order to encourage people to keep checking back for updates, we'll also be resuming the occasional sharing of fan content, namely retweeting fan art that we may find on Twitter. However, development of the game is our primary concern, so most if not all of any new information about the game will be revealed on our website, with supplementary tweets. We already have gathered a huge amount of feedback, and we'll continue to listen to the community, but it's important for us to take the time to develop and implement our designs. We have so much exciting content coming up, with a few surprises coming in the near future!

Finally, there is only so much we can show through updates, this website, and previews. We encourage you to play the game when it becomes available, and follow its progress in the meantime. We know The Office Type will become a funny, entertaining, and heartfelt experience that many people will enjoy. Thank you for your support!