The Chicago indie scene is known for its small beginnings.


The indie games scene in Chicago is all about making life work during the day and doubling down on a passion project at night. Talented people come together, and everywhere becomes an office. Talking at a meet up in a common space. Workshopping themes in a recording studio. Typing up dialogue on a laptop on the L train. Brainstorming at a bar. A writing session before D&D. We work together to turn an idea into something people are excited to see. We improve it until it's better than we thought it could be. We take the time to build it up, break it down, and then build it up stronger than before.

Jack Headshot.jpg

Jack Guffey - Lead Design, UI Art, Voice Acting Direction

Jack is a game systems designer, voice acting director, published author, and former member of the Chicago comedy improv Second City Training Center. He leads the team in its creative direction, as well as takes on the roles of overseeing the art direction, voice acting casting, game mechanics design, and main storyline writing. In his spare time, Jack enjoys cooking, writing stories, and making a fool of himself on the internet.

Olivia Headshot.jpg

Olivia Reynolds - Concept Art, Supplementary Art, Writing

Olivia is a young concept artist, freelance illustrator, and musician, overseeing the team's concept art. She helps to prepare and test early ideas and art direction decisions, from character references to early user interface assets. In addition, she assists the writing team by helping to tie together character details and storylines. Olivia enjoys writing songs, playing video games, and being the president of space.

Epsee Headshot.jpg

Shanen Pae/Epsee - Character Art

Shanen, known on the internet as Epsee, is a freelance illustrator and contract character artist in the Greater Los Angeles area. Leading the charge on the team's character art, her skill brings life and polish to the subjects she draws. With thousands of pieces of artwork, Shanen's previous work includes creating variants of cover art for Boom! Studios' comic book Fence, drawing the characters for the dating sim Dream Daddy, creating multiple pieces related to internet personalities, games, and pop culture, and working for clients such as Hasbro, One Pixel Brush, Reel FX, and WayForward. She enjoys animals, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and well-balanced meals.

Elliot Headshot 2.jpg

Elliot Callighan - Music Composition

Elliot is a classically trained violinist and pianist, metal guitarist, and electronic music enthusiast with degrees in Music Composition and Sound Design for Cinema. Currently, Elliot is an independent composer and sound designer, a Soundpost Co-Chair for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Overture Council, as well as adjunct faculty in the Film & Game programs at DePaul University. His work has been featured in campaigns for United Airlines, The Chicago Advertising Federation, GMC, The Godrej Group, Chevrolet Motors, The Goodman Theatre, as well as many independent films and games. In addition, he is an Officer and Platoon Leader in the Illinois Army National Guard.

Monisa Headshot 2.jpg

Monisa Ahmed - Writing, Character Design

Monisa is a Chicago writer who focuses on screenplays and writing for games. She currently develops exhibits for The Field Museum and aspires to eventually create an animated children's show of her own, an ambition only matched by her love of coffee.

Jarrett Headshot 3.jpg

Jarrett Crnkovich - Writing, Character Design

Jarrett is a screenwriter and game developer in the Chicago area. They have been writing and creating stories since they were a kid and they have a "healthy" obsession with sci-fi and fantasy, regularly running Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

Marcus Headshot 2.jpg

Marcus Cross - Writing, Character Design

Marcus is a writer focused in digital writing, public relations, and game design. He also works with a few streamers in content management, moderating, and social media.  He has shaped his career around creative writing and narrative design, researching narratology and the use of story for player motivation.

Nash Headshot.jpg

Nash Sanderson - Audio Engineering, Supplementary Writing

Nash is a comedian and former comedy improviser with Second City and Stage 773, as well as a location audio technician and post-production audio engineer for film. He assists the team with voice acting recording, audio implementation, and some storyline writing. He also has a dog, who is very cute.

Jason Headshot 3.jpg

Jason Larock - Writing, Character Design

Jason is a writer, voice actor, and cinematographer based out of New York City, and is an advocate for transgender representation in both the film and gaming industries. In his spare time, he can be found gaming on consoles and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Tahirah Headshot.jpg

Tahirah Hasan - Writing

Tahirah, often going by the pen name Rebecca Cheshire, is a freelance entertainment writer and certified screenwriter. She works with various clientele, writing fanfiction commissions and has written for the YouTube channel CultureCrash's Country Compendium series. When not writing, she plays video games, attends conventions, and does her best to bring smiles to the faces of others.

Zac Headshot.jpg

Zachary Mascarenas - Gameplay Programming

Zac is a Chicago-based programmer with a concentration in Python, C#, and C++ programming, and he likes participating in global game jams. He has a strange obsession with fish with legs. Feel free to contact him to discuss this further.

Gage Headshot.jpg

Gage O'Connor - Gameplay Programming

Gage is a systems programmer experienced in C, C++, C#, and Python. His goal is to make meaningful experiences for others through games, making memorable and long-lasting products. In his free time, he enjoys fantasizing over owning a cat one day and thinking of more interesting ways to describe himself in a bio.

John Headshot.jpg

John Crane - Gameplay Programming

Jack is a game development C++ and C# programmer focused on gameplay mechanics and level design, prioritizing the enhancement of game experiences through them. He has a black lab named Jaeger who is really fat, and he loves him.

Vadym Headshot.jpg

Vadym Yanchuk - Gameplay Programming

Vadym is a C++ and C# programmer striving to create experiences that prompt a genuine emotional response in others. These days he is interested in obstacle course races and meme crafting, and he once played through the entirety of Dark Souls with a DDR pad.

Supplementary Contributors

Torrance Rodriguez
Volunteer Writer

Jacob Mooney
Volunteer Writer

Bianca Klehr
Background Concept Artist

Kaitlynne Heyworth
Supplementary Artist

Prince Lowell
Background Artist

Meet the Voice Actors

LobosJr Headshot.jpg

Mike Villalobos/LobosJr - Cyril

Lobos is a professional livestream entertainer on Twitch, creating a community around fans of Dark Souls, other RPGs, roguelikes, and generally-challenging games. He was previously a QA analyst working at BioWare/EA. He lends his voice to the charcoal pencil character, Cyril.

Sarah Headshot.jpg

Sarah Szeszol - Sylvia

Sarah is an opera singer, freelance artist, and voice actor in Chicago. She lends her voice to the number two pencil character, Sylvia.

Kyle Headshot.jpg

Carmilla Morrell - Syl

Carmilla is a media and cinema scholar in Chicago, where they write freelance in the time that they have between work and graduate school. They enjoy old video games and horror movies and can talk for hours about Frankenstein over coffee. They are also a connoisseur of donuts and an ardent fan of Madonna's early oeuvre. They lend their voice to the mechanical pencil character, Syl.

Alex Headshot.jpg

Alex Wasily - Benjamin

Alex is a talented freelance musician, performing with bands such as Dumpstaphunk, Pocket Radio, J-Livi & The Party, The Larry King Orchestra, and his own band, HipTrip. He lends his voice to the ballpoint pen character, Benjamin.

Kayla Headshot.jpg

Kayla Mulliniks - Penelope

Kayla is a Chicago comedian, journalist, and comedy improviser through Second City and the iO Theater. She regularly performs with her comedy troupes, Cool Aunt, The Roommates, and Lisa, Frankly. She lends her voice to the brush pen character, Penelope.

Jamie Headshot.jpg

Jamie Greene - Benny

Jamie Greene is a voice actor and filmmaker studying film and acting at Columbia College Chicago. Passionate about acting both on screen and on stage, they hope to be part of a new era of LGBT+ actors and filmmakers in the industry, creating media by the LGBT+ community, for the LGBT+ community. You can find them hanging out at conventions, drinking excessive amounts of green tea, playing hours of video games at a time, and scouring eBay for a good deal on Neon Genesis Evangelion merchandise. They lend their voice to the fountain pen character, Benny.

Siddhartha Minhas Headshot.jpg

Siddhartha Minhas - Calvin

Siddhartha, with the questionable online alias "GodKnight," is a British Columbia-based actor, voice actor, singer, musician, and martial artist. He always seeks to broaden his horizons and to become the best artist that he can be. That artist being, what he believes, full of limitless possibilities. He has many goals and dreams for the future and knows that they will become reality with hard work and determination, along with the miracles he's ready to induce. He lends his voice to the solar calculator character, Calvin.

Katie Otten Headshot.jpg

Katie Otten - Callista

Katie Otten has her Master of Arts in Theatre Performance from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. She has been acting onstage for most of her life, and began voice acting in the past few years. She has narrated several audio books, animations, and educational projects, but as a gamer herself, she always enjoys being able to give a voice to a video game character! She lends her voice to the printing calculator character, Callista.

Iris Headshot.jpg

Sebastian Yue - Cal

As a Toronto-based model and fledgeling voice-actor, Sebastian spends their time shooting commercials, cultivating an extensive wardrobe, and listening to the sound of their own voice. A self-identified nerd, Sebastian loves going to conventions and hanging out with people who are as enthusiastic about anime and movies as they are. Sebastian’s current voice projects are Don't Wake The Night, a 2D point-and-click game about witches, and In The Garden Of The Sun, a Star Wars fan comic dub. When they are not working, Sebastian can be found facilitating workshops on queer and trans issues, making a new cosplay, or savoring a delicious meal. They lend their voice to the graphing calculator character, Cal.
Photo credit: Philip Sutherland

John Page Headshot.jpg

John Aprigliano/John Page - Antonio

John Page, also known as Tehsmarty, is a YouTube personality and a founding member of The Derp Crew. With over 100,000 subscribers, he creates comedy gameplay videos and works within the wrestling community in his spare time. He lends his voice to the cyan toner cartridge character, Antonio.

Anairis Headshot.jpg

Anairis Quinones - Antonella

Anairis Q is a voice actress, writer, and singer based in Central Florida. She can be heard as Mai from Asagao Academy, Sutra from Crush Crush, and Caty Velasquez in Within the Wires. You can also hear her on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in The Journey Down, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, and Ghost Song. If she's not voice acting, she's developing her RPG Ghost, performing as Disney characters for events, or collaborating with musicians to release song covers. She lends her voice to the yellow toner cartridge character, Antonella.

AJ Headshot.jpg

Amber "AJ" Cartier-Page - Toni

AJ works in multiple fields near Ottawa, Canada. When not voice acting, they spend their time writing, reading, cooking, and playing video games. AJ also sometimes does book reviews on the CanQueer podcast, a Canadian broadcast on queer media. They lend their voice to the magenta toner cartridge character, Toni.

Gabriel Hicks Headshot.jpg

Gabriel Hicks - Trey

Gabe is a freelance game designer on the east coast, having published his own tabletop RPG, S0urce C0de. He leads a team of designers as they finish up their final handbook and spends the rest of his time streaming on Twitch, working on a podcast, playing game sessions, or trying to keep up his with wild dog. He lends his voice to the briefcase binder character, Trey.

Nina Headshot.jpg

Nina Sumter - Teresa

Nina is a transgender woman and a formally trained theatre actor from the New Jersey School of Dramatics Arts in New Jersey, but lately often finds herself in New York City. Having been a freelance voiceover talent for about seven years, she has voiced a number of audiobooks, as well as various creative media and independent video game titles. In her spare time, she is a fighting game competitor and Team Management Admin, both under the banner of Frame Advantage Gaming. She also recently became a Twitch streamer under the alias DestraPlays, providing game analysis and beginner tips for Street Fighter V and explains the fantastic lore in Final Fantasy XIV Online while adventuring. She has her eye on Texas or California to one day escape her long-time nemesis, Winter. She lends her voice to the easel binder character, Teresa. /
Photo Credit: Nick Wolf Photography

Aleks Headshot.jpg

Aleks Le - Chad

Aleks is a Los Angeles-based voice actor known for voicing Nightmarionne in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. He can also be heard in SMITE, Heroes of Newerth, Wartide, and many more to be projects yet to be announced. He lends his voice to the ergonomic mousepad character, Chad.

Leeanna Headshot.jpg

Leeanna Albanese - Madelyn

Leeanna is an Los Angeles-based actor currently pursuing a BA in Dramatic Arts from the University of Southern California's School of Dramatic Arts. She has spent the majority of her life performing on stage, but has recently started to branch out into voiceover work (and is loving it!). Outside of The Office Type, you can catch her in various theatrical productions around LA, on her Twitch playin' some sweet sweet video games, and splashing around in the pool totally crushin' it at water polo. She lends her voice to the cloth mousepad character, Madelyn.

Robynne Yokota - Addie

Robynne is a New York City-based freelance video editor and photographer. She has worked on sets ranging from modern adaptations of old Japanese folktales to commissioned experimental food ASMR web content. When not working on food-related projects, the self-proclaimed foodie likes to cook and eat food. [Editor's note: apparently we all like food a lot, and that's fine by me.] She lends her voice to the metal mousepad character, Addie.

Jason Headshot 2.jpg

Jason Larock - Keith

Jason is a voice actor operating out of the East Coast, known mostly for his voice work as Damien Bloodmarch in the dating sim Dream Daddy. He lends his voice to the ergonomic keyboard character, Keith.

Daisy Headshot.jpg

Daisy Guevara - Beatrice

Daisy is a stage and voice actress originally from and located in the heart of New York City. She has performed in plays and musicals at theaters throughout the tri-state area, as well as throughout the U.S. for 20+ years. When Daisy's not performing on stage, she's voice acting in anime, video games, animations, and audiobooks. In her spare time, besides belting Disney or Broadway tunes, Daisy is really into board gaming. She lends her voice to the modern keyboard character, Beatrice.

Zitlaly Headshot.jpg

Zitlaly Garcia-Rivera - Bee

Zitlaly is an aspiring screenwriter and current student at Tribeca Flashpoint in Chicago. When not working, she's playing video games (console or mobile), listening to music, or drawing up and creating characters to use in her writing. Zitlaly is also an amateur YouTuber who hasn't updated her channel in a while (oops). She lends her voice to the office keyboard character, Bee.

Miguel Headshot.jpg

Miguel Moran - Mr. Stapleton

Miguel Moran is a New York City-based voice actor, video game journalist, and 3D artist. He's been pursuing voice acting since 2010. You can hear him in PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC releases like Super Daryl Deluxe, Project Nimbus, The Journey Down: Chapter Three, and Serafina's Crown. When he isn't flexing those golden vocal chords, Miguel works as a social media manager and dabbles with writing scripts for comic books and television. He also does 3D modeling, texturing, and animation work, often for video games or student animations. Miguel loves anime, video games, television, and the Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch. He lends his voice to the desktop stapler character, Mr. Mohsen Stapleton.

Chaimae Headshot.jpg

Chaimae Ahram - Miss Stapleton

Chaimae, also known as Chromaura, is a business development and marketing specialist by day and gaming enthusiast by night. She occasionally creates content around video games on her YouTube channel and Instagram to develop the indie games culture in her country, Morocco. When not working as a business growth consultant, she can be found raging over her 100th death in Dark Souls. She lends her voice to the heavy-duty stapler character, Miss Mahab Stapleton.

Alex Abou Karam Headshot.jpeg

Alex Abou Karam - Hura

Alex A.K. (they/them) is a non-binary artist, speaker, and game designer from Lebanon. They model on the side and yell on Twitter a lot. You can find them, their selfies, and their antics on Twitter. They lend their voice to the electric stapler character, Hura.