If you have questions about our game, check out the F.A.Q. section below. If you have a specific question or concern, reach out to us through the contact form below, or send us an email at heavythoughtstudios@gmail.com or send us a tweet at @muchtooheavy. We'll do our best to get back to you!


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

You want to date office supplies?
No. Well, yes, but not really.

Your game has 24 dateable characters? That seems like a lot.
The Office Type does have 24 unique characters for players to date, but they are grouped into eight sets of three. For each playthrough, the player chooses a roster of eight characters, one from each set. For example, the player might choose the mechanical pencil, the ballpoint pen, the printing calculator, and so on, but a second playthrough or another player may choose the charcoal pencil, the fountain pen, the graphing calculator, etc. for an entirely different experience. It's ambitious, but that's what our studio is all about!

If you only choose eight characters, what happens to the characters who aren't chosen?
Unchosen characters don't exist in that specific playthrough. However, the characters have all been carefully designed to work in any combination, with each character having a different career, personality, skills, traits, flaws, etc.

How does your gender identity system work?
The Office Type includes eight non-binary characters, each with unique and separate identities, independent from their male and female counterparts. The goal here is to normalize more diverse options in the game industry, and while it may not be a perfect system, it's an important first step for future games to improve upon.

Why does your game focus on diversity?
The Office Type includes different gender identities, races, and religious observances not for the sake of diversity, but to show that diversity should be standard. Too often does media have a lack of diversity, or media fails at proper representation. We will excel in some aspects and fail in others as well, and where we stumble we always have the chance to improve. In doing so, we help improve the overall representation in the industry. Every piece of successful or popular media that makes an effort to include proper representation shows larger forces that these are the kinds of things that people want to see. The more normal it becomes, the higher quality people will ask for.

I saw earlier versions of your characters, but now there are new versions. What’s up with that?
This game was in its early stages when you may have discovered our concept and initial versions of our characters. We soon had an enormous community response, both with excitement and constructive criticism for our game. Since then, we’ve devoted ourselves to incorporating community input while developing the experience we hoped to create. For the most part, new character versions overwrite their old introductions, and we’ll be moving forward with more permanent adjustments as we build the complete roster.

What are those borders around the characters?
Each character has a border stylized in the medium of their respective office supply. This both differentiates them from other types of supplies and the category within their own set, as well as shows a visual reminder of which office supply each character represents at all times. In the game, the player will have the option to keep the stylized borders, have blank paper borders, or have no borders at all, depending on their preference.

Why did you update your logo?
Our initial logo was designed around printer ink colors, as well as having a dual purpose of setting the color scheme for our three-character set system. After receiving community feedback, we felt that incorporating the Key color of CMYK helped to clarify that design and give the logo more of an office feel. Additionally, the new design works into our relationship level mechanic, so watch for its integration there!

Who is on your team?
Visit our About page for more information on our team members, and check back occasionally for updates!

I heard that people are auditioning for voice acting roles. Can I apply?
Absolutely! Our voice acting auditions will most likely stay open through the release of all of our characters, and perhaps a little later than that. Dozens of talented people have already thrown their hats into the ring, but you may have the perfect voice we're looking for! Send us an email at heavythoughtstudios@gmail.com with a brief freeform voice recording, along with general information about yourself. Fun facts, any previous voice acting experience, your general location, and whether or not you have access to a high-quality microphone are all useful. We like to get to know the people behind the voices. But no previous voice acting experience is necessary! If you feel comfortable providing it, your ethnic background, race, and/or your gender identity are also helpful in categorizing the submissions.

How do you choose your voice actors?
The voices themselves are the most important, as well as their level of recording quality. However, we've made a commitment to having all of our non-binary characters voiced by non-binary voice actors and our transgender characters voiced by transgender voice actors. In addition, at least two out of every three characters within each set will be voiced by actors representing the character set's respective race.

Can I find you on other social media platforms?
Yes, but some are more active than others. While we're dedicating so much time to direct development, our main interaction with the community will be through our Twitter (@muchtooheavy). Other platforms, such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, will most likely remain unused or otherwise inactive, at least for the time being.

I sent an email/tweet/message to you. Why haven't I heard back?
Our game has been seen by over 50,000 people, and sometimes it's difficult to keep up with all of our online interactions while dedicating enough time to development. We're a small team, and we try our best to respond when we can, but we may not always be able to!

Is there a way for me to support you?
Now that we’ve finished our fundraising campaign, we’ll be focusing on our work. You may not be able to get some exclusive rewards that were available during our campaign, but feel free to contact us if you have an interest in supporting us. Follow our Kickstarter profile to keep up to date with any potential future projects! We also love seeing fan art on Twitter, although it's entirely unnecessary to put in so much work for our sake. However, if you do feel like making something, we try to retweet artwork with the hashtag #TOTFanArt whenever possible.


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Press Kit

If you are a member of the media, feel free to use the following background information in articles, and contact us directly for any potential interviews or to elaborate on certain details about our company and/or our projects.

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Heavy Thought Studios
Based in Chicago, Illinois

Release Date:
Expected second-quarter 2019

PS4/PS4 Pro (expected)
Xbox One/Xbox One X (expected)
Nintendo Switch (expected)


Regular Price:
USD $14.99


The Office Type is a comedy dating sim/visual novel/puzzle game hybrid about finding the type of people you resonate with most. The player controls the faceless protagonist, an introverted office intern who isn't making connections on the job. After a birthday wish on a candle in the last office cupcake, the office supplies on their desk come to life, with human personas for eight different objects. Each object is a set of three dateable characters, different types of each respective office supply, with 24 unique dateable characters in all. The complex web of storylines creates a dating game where the group office dynamic takes center stage, and players have many different stories to experience.


In late October of 2017, a small development team contacted Epsee, a character artist known for her talent and drawing style. Upon discussing a new game concept, a group of part-time developers began to form. Behind the scenes, character concepts were formed and released with basic information, and the project quickly gained attention. As the community grew larger, the team pulled back to focus on finalized designs with a larger team.


  • The Office Type's character selection system allows for numerous different combinations of characters for each playthrough.

  • The characters' interpersonal relationships change based on the rosters you create, with several different story paths available, regardless of which roster you choose.

  • Complex and humorous conversations offer frequent multiple-choice question and answer options with branching dialogue and a heart level experience system.

  • New twists on classic match-three grid puzzle gameplay, with a cumulative “sticky” combo mechanic and various levels of success on each date.

  • More player skill creates more opportunities to uncover full storylines, revealing extra dialogue on dates, location-specific character interactions, double-character dates, and the chance to achieve multi-character endings.

  • Dozens of unique endings, with both single and multi-character endings having three different endgame paths.

Logos and Icons

The Office Type Logo

The Office Type Logo

Heavy Thought Studios Logo

Heavy Thought Studios Logo

Monetization permission

Outside of directly selling assets and/or using individual assets in commercial applications, media outlets and individuals have permission to use studio images, game images, music, and game footage in monetized forms, as long as they are informative and/or transformative in nature. These include articles, news videos, music remixes, let's plays, and reviews.

About Heavy thought studios

Heavy Thought Studios is a Chicago-based team focused on bringing new concepts and big ambitions to the forefront of the indie games industry. We want to redefine what's possible while sharing stories and mechanics that are one day placed amongst the best ever created.


Jack Guffey - Lead Design, UI Art, Voice Acting Direction
Olivia Reynolds - Concept Art, Supplementary Art, Writing
Shanen Pae/Epsee - Character Art
Elliot Callighan - Music Composition, Sound Implementation
Monisa Ahmed - Character Design, Writing
Jarrett Crnkovich - Character Design, Writing
Marcus Cross - Character Design, Writing
Jason Larock - Character Design, Writing
Tahirah Hasan - Writing
Nash Sanderson - Audio Engineering, Supplementary Writing
Zachary Mascarenas - Gameplay Programming
Gage O'Connor - Gameplay Programming
John Crane - Gameplay Programming
Vadym Yanchuk - Gameplay Programming


Send us an email through the form above, or send an email to heavythoughtstudios@gmail.com.

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