The Office Type


The Office Type is a dating simulator/visual novel/puzzle game hybrid, slated for a second-quarter 2019 Steam release. In the game, players live the life of an introverted office intern. You haven't been finding any professional connections, you haven't made any real friends, and there's not much luck in your dating life. But your office supplies have always been there for you! Why not get to know them?

With a birthday wish on a candle in the last office cupcake, eight different types of office supplies come to life, with different human personas for each one. With 24 dateable characters to choose from, players have endless storyline possibilities! Will you date your ballpoint pen? Or maybe a fountain pen is more your style. Your office supplies are waiting for you to romance them!  

The Office Type is currently in production. Early looks at the game, concept art, and in-development game concepts don't always represent final game quality
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The following artwork, character details, and storylines are currently in development and are subject to change.


Cyril the Charcoal Pencil

Cyril heads up the client recruitment team for CompCorp, the leading computer part supply company in the United States (or so they say). Cyril is a cisgender man and uses he/him pronouns. He's calm and casual, but centered around sociability, the first one to suggest the next office event. Cyril spends his time finding new businesses to stock CompCorp products, but he'd rather be in a coffee shop writing his next romantic comedy script. His life falls between the worlds of his work and his hobbies, and sometimes he has trouble taking things seriously. But despite his casual perspective, he's looking for someone who can ground him in reality.


Syl the Mechanical Pencil

Syl leads the marketing department's copy editing team, writing and fixing lines for the company's online and print advertising. Syl is a demiboy and uses they/them or he/him pronouns. They're carefree and goofy, sometimes with a wild personality that comes off as immature. But you won't find a more fun person, always the life of the party. Syl doesn't take their job very seriously, but they still effortlessly outperform their fellow copywriters. With a certain loneliness of being the office entertainer, Syl uses their free time to focus on a passion for writing comedy books. Sometimes they feel like someone with a more serious side could balance them out, so long as they have a sense of humor.


Sylvia the Number 2 Pencil

Sylvia is CompCorp's lead client-side researcher, developing new concepts that distributors and consumers want to see in the next generation of computer products. Sylvia is a cisgender woman and uses she/her pronouns. Hilarious and assertive, she is a powerful force around the office, always brightening coworkers' days with a joke or two. When she's not working, she doubles as a stand-up comedian, creating her own sets and performing live at various venues. Sylvia's competitive nature pushes her own need for happiness above the wants of others, but she always makes time to put a smile on someone's face. She wouldn't mind a powerful partner if they came along, but she's doing just fine on her own.


Benjamin the Ballpoint Pen

Benjamin takes his role as office manager seriously, overseeing behind-the-scenes company administration, organizing meetings, and deciding on major personnel promotions. Benjamin is a cisgender man and uses he/him pronouns. While he focuses on his work, his often strict persona is overshadowed by his cool demeanor and sense of elegance. Benjamin finds the beauty in everything, especially when he finds the time to develop his hobby of sketching landscapes. He strikes a balance between motivating his coworkers and taking the time to discover who he wants to be, but at a cost to his personal confidence. Doubting who he has worked to become, he falls into a reclusive nature and loses faith in the abilities of others. But finding someone who can help Benjamin recognize his true self would be an eye-opening experience for him.


Benny the Fountain Pen

Benny spends most of their time in their corner office, secretively developing new expansion opportunities for CompCorp. Benny is agender and uses they/them pronouns. From finding ideal construction locations to designing the look of new buildings, they expand the company’s reach one large-scale project at a time. Ambitious, arrogant, and sometimes a little rude, Benny doesn’t like to be bothered. When not working, they merge their hobby of architectural drawing with their future plans, always on the lookout for the next opportunity to gain influence in the company. They may seem rough around the edges, but the right person can work to uncover the heart behind Benny’s passion, as well as their true intentions.


Penelope the Brush Pen

Penelope is the corporate interior designer for CompCorp, creating the layout for new spaces within the company. Penelope is a cisgender woman and uses she/her pronouns. Cold and distant, she puts an almost mechanical precision into her work, but with a talent that brings beauty and efficiency to the workplace. Penelope keeps to herself most of the time, preferring reading a blueprint to a long conversation. When her work and social interactions overwhelm her, she spends time improving her calligraphy skills and practicing Latin. As long as they don’t disrupt Penelope’s schedule too much, someone who would enjoy a new bookstore might find some shared interests with her.



Calvin the Solar Calculator

Calvin is CompCorp’s chief accountant, nervous and shy while at the office. Calvin is a cisgender man and uses he/him pronouns. Although he is talented, he doesn’t like being cooped up inside, and going out in the sunlight brightens him up more than anything. Calvin was always teased for his hobby of collecting insects, but his knowledge as an entomology buff and his love of different plants reveals a different side of him when given the chance. He’s always searching for new species to collect, but a day at a botanical garden is just as good as a trip to a rainforest. Calvin’s modesty often gets the best of him, but someone who can appreciate his skills would be a great match.


Cal the Graphing Calculator

Cal is the marketing photographer for the company’s advertising campaigns, determined to capture the perfect shot. Cal is a demigirl and uses they/them or she/her pronouns. Always seeing the world through a lens, they never became comfortable framing themselves within social situations. Awkward and timid, Cal enjoys staying on the sidelines as an observer. But their curiosity sometimes pulls them out of their comfort zone, often to comedic effect. Cal might try to learn the rules to a new board game, and occasionally they’ll reveal an intense excitement when spotting a fish. Someone who can make Cal feel safe and welcome could bring them out of their shell.


Callista the Printing Calculator

Callista is CompCorp’s lone robotics expert, but an extremely capable and necessary part of the company’s production process. Callista is a cisgender woman and uses she/her pronouns. Working closely with the warehouse departments, she designs and oversees the implementation of automated assembly machines. Often seen buried in her designs, Callista’s work ethic and intelligence are unmatched. It takes enormous effort to catch her full attention, or alternatively the mention of any kind of bird. Albeit absentminded at times, Callista enjoys birdwatching, frequently tearing off pieces of paper and jotting down notes to put in her scrapbook throughout the day. Someone who admires Callista’s work while accepting her eccentricities would make her happy.


Antonio the Cyan Toner Cartridge

Antonio is a skilled network security programmer, but truth be told he’d rather be in his apartment playing video games. Antonio is a cisgender man and uses he/him pronouns. Recently promoted to the head of CompCorp’s I.T. department, he works remotely when he can, but tedious tech issues draw him out of the darkness of his home. Antonio strives for stability and suffers from insomnia, so he values his time and completes tasks as quickly as possible to boost his potential sleeping hours. Messy and disorganized, his low-energy demeanor is only offset by his Shiba Inu, Griffin. Despite his tendency to seclude himself, Antonio would appreciate someone who is a true friend, and then maybe more.


Toni the Magenta Toner Cartridge

Toni works with the marketing department's video advertising team, editing and adding effects to company commercials. Toni is aporagender and uses they/them or xe/xem pronouns. More often than not, a lack of drive creates a bored, indifferent, and introspective worldview for them. The only things that Toni seems to care about are their German Shepherd, Elroy, and their intense passion and skill for cooking. An accomplished chef, they spend their free time trying increasingly complicated recipes and learning new techniques. Toni is looking for a partner who can add pieces to the puzzle, filling in the spaces that need more excitement.


Antonella the Yellow Toner Cartridge

Antonella is a software developer for CompCorp’s new line of computers, bridging the gap between the research and production departments. Antonella is a cisgender woman and uses she/her pronouns. She codes pre-loaded programs, mostly art tools, and she carries that skill over to her hobby as a talented but irritable digital artist. Commanding an impressive online following, Antonella fights her temper when her artwork is stolen and left uncredited. The frequency of this gives her a sour temperament that can only be countered by her Border Collie, Mac. Antonella is searching for someone she can truly trust, as well as a person who can accept that they will never be more important than her dog.

Trey the Briefcase Binder

Trey is CompCorp's corporate lawyer who oversees all the legalities of commercial transactions. Trey is a cisgender man and uses he/him pronouns. From intellectual property rights to licensing and zoning, Trey has the company covered, spending every moment he can for the company. However, his dedication has overtaken his personal life, breaking the bond between him and his estranged sibling. With his job, Trey has slowly forgotten all of the things that made him happy. He stopped DMing D&D games, stopped visiting local comic book shops, and hasn’t been in contact with his sibling in a long time. Someone who can help bridge the gap between Trey's true passions and his work would be a good match.


Ty the Spreadsheet Binder

Ty runs CompCorp's main warehouse department, keeping track of everything going in and out of the warehouse. Ty is anogender and uses they/them pronouns. Ty keeps records of everything, from scheduling, to documentation, charts, and even vacation times, always running from one task to the next. This enthusiasm makes Ty strive for perfection and efficiency in their everyday life. In their off time, Ty coaches a local rugby team. They manage everything from the schedules, to brackets, to weather postponements, to which park to play in, always trying to fix problems. Someone who enjoys putting everything into work and hobbies equally would strike a good balance.


Teresa the Easel Binder

Teresa is a young research and development technician who works with materials like new inks and paper. Teresa is a transgender woman and uses she/her pronouns. Although her work is exceptional, Teresa doesn't devote as much time to work as she should. Instead, her hobbies are extremely important to her. In her off time, Teresa manages and participates in an eSports league. She's skilled and focused on teamwork, but her fellow players are the only ones who support her, unlike her lab supervisors. Teresa lives in between her two passions, uncertain of which she should pursue. Someone who can encourage her to follow her heart would make a strong connection.


Chad the Ergonomic Mousepad

Chad is in charge of hiring management in CompCorp's Human Resources department, conducting interviews and wage reviews. Chad is a cisgender man and uses he/him pronouns. While his position is important, his vain personality and personal confidence often eclipse his responsibilities, despite having a good eye for the right hiring decisions. When not at work, Chad runs his own gym centered around corporate clientele. He's just beginning his own fitness program, but that doesn't stop him from admiring his own figure. Someone who appreciates his confidence while helping him overcome his shortcomings would be a good fit.


Addie the Metal Mousepad

Addie is the energetic face of HR, conducting employee orientations and acting as the liaison to other companies, as well as handling the employee insurance plans. Addie is egogender, accepting they/them pronouns, but often opting to forego pronouns and simply use "Addie." Addie approaches every scenario with a driven and excited attitude, carrying that energy over to daily bodybuilding workouts and a position as a personal trainer. Someone who can match Addie's positivity while helping Addie to come to terms with everyday problems would be the perfect partner.


Madelyn the Cloth Mousepad

Madelyn runs CompCorp's HR administrative duties, overseeing payroll and risk management. Madelyn is a cisgender woman and uses she/her pronouns. She takes every opportunity to talk with her coworkers, quickly becoming an exceptional judge in dispute resolutions. A little strict when it comes to approving paid days off, Madelyn dedicates too much time to clearing tasks at work. When she isn't at the office, she organizes all of the fitness classes at the local gym. Madelyn's overloaded schedule often takes precedence to her well-being, but her unwavering pride and high self-esteem make her a strong conversationalist. Someone who can ground her and help prioritize her time would catch her attention.


Keith the Ergonomic Keyboard

Keith is the lead voiceover actor for CompCorp's marketing department, lending his voice to various commercials and promotional materials. Keith is a transgender man and uses he/him pronouns. He is known throughout the company as the kindest and most popular person around, but guilt from a mysterious past often weighs on him. Keith spends his spare time as an instrumentalist, playing guitar and frequently filling in as a session musician for various bands. His kindness is so at the forefront of his personality that he'll try to fit in almost any request made of him. A person who can share the responsibilities and emotional burden that Keith lives with could be a good partner.


Bee the Office Keyboard

Bee is the music composer for the advertising department, using their skills to create a wide range of pieces for commercials and for sounds used in CompCorp computer software. Bee is genderfluid and uses they/them pronouns. In addition to a cult social media following for their comedic quips, Bee has garnered a reputation as the office memelord. Despite their social capacity being quickly filled, they are funny and personable in groups and solo encounters alike. Bee is dedicated to their work, but also uses their free time to create complex digital music for their own brand. Someone who shares a passion for music, loves humor, and respects alone time would match perfectly with Bee.


Beatrice the Modern Keyboard

Beatrice is the inaugural member of CompCorp's bridged marketing and R&D departments, spearheading a venture that provides answers and gathers feedback in a tech-focused podcast. Beatrice is a cisgender woman and uses she/her pronouns. Beatrice is often quiet socially, but she uses her voice to draw in and provide information for people commenting on current and future technology trends. Her independence, initiative, and forward-thinking attitude are the driving forces behind many of the company's technological advancements. When not in the recording studio, she performs as a talented pianist and singer in a local club. Learning about a person who supports Beatrice's passion for new ideas would fit well into her life.



Mr. Stapleton the Desktop Stapler

Mr. Mohsen Stapleton leads CompCorp's finance department as the Chief Financial Officer of the company, overseeing the budget and submitting projects for board approval. Mohsen is a cisgender man and uses he/him pronouns. As an older member of the company, Mohsen is seen as the kind father figure, albeit sometimes viewed as a bit of a pushover. Although his strong sense of love carries over from his relationships to his work, he often shields himself from heartbreak and focuses on his career, hobbies, and helping others. Mohsen gives back to his community through the Housing for Humankind project, becoming a skilled carpenter in his free time. Someone who can reconnect his passion for humanity to actual people in his life would be a good partner.


Mx. Stapleton the Electric Stapler

Mx. Hura Stapleton acts as CompCorp's Chief Operations Officer, defining the overall company business strategy and overseeing the Human Resources department. Hura is bigender and uses he/him, she/her, or they/them pronouns where applicable. Seen as a strict mentor for many employees, Hura's authority has paved the way for advancements in technology, company expansion programs, and internal infrastructure. When the officer's cap comes off, they spend time on their boat to unwind from the stress of trying to fill their own mentor's shoes. Finding a dedicated partner who enjoys the simple things would be perfect for Hura.


Miss Stapleton the Heavy-Duty Stapler

Miss Mahab Stapleton is the CEO of CompCorp, supervising all company managerial decisions and acting as a main influence within the Board of Directors. Mahab is a cisgender woman and uses she/her pronouns. Working her way up through the family company over the years, Mahab earned her position and has led CompCorp to success. However, since she has built a qualified team of employees, Mahab's focus has begun to shift toward her hobbies. Her true passion is art, so she teaches a sculpting class at her alma mater after work hours and dreams of one day retiring to open her own gallery. Someone who will encourage Mahab in the next chapter of her life would be a great match for her.